Flesh Eating Bacteria also known as NF (Necrotizing Faciitis)

Hi. My name is Tim List, and the pictures of myself on the following pages document visually the severe damage that NF can cause the human body. One of the reasons that NF kills and disfigures people quickly is it spreads through the body rapidly before being detected.

The medical community (thank God for them),  has little experience with such a quickly destructive virus and their current diagnostic methodologies usually arrive at identifying NF late, after a lot of tissue damage has already occurred.

The purpose of this web site is to help increase dialog and assist to educate both the public and medical professionals about the fact that not only are NF infections substantially increasing but early diagnoses can reduce the death and disfigurement caused by this disease. 

As a survivor of the type of NF that moves very quickly with a mortality rate of above 70% I first thank The Lord for sparing my life. Secondly. it will help me heal to hear that my story might lead to a quicker diagnosis  for someone else. Although grateful to be alive, the suffering is severe.